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Spread this like wildfire

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Overheard conversation in a doctor's office

  • Girl:(storms out of the room) NO! I CAN'T BE PREGNANT!
  • Doctor:(trailing behind her) Well, you said you were sexually active, and you weren't using protection it's your boyfriend.
  • Girl:But I can't be pregnant! I'm a lesbian!
  • Doctor:(looks stunned) I... I'm sorry. I thought you said your boyfriend... Not your girlfriend.
  • Girl:I did say boyfriend. Why would I date girls?
  • Doctor:I don't understand. How are you a lesbian?
  • Girl:My mom said that she wishes I was a lesbian so I couldn't get pregnant, so my boyfriend and I agreed that I would be a lesbian so I couldn't get pregnant. See? So I can't be pregnant. My mom knows better than you. I'm not pregnant and I'm not fucking paying for this visit!
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I wrote my first spell today. It was one of those moments where everything just fell into place. and It nearly worked too ;) I blundered it with my words to customers. It verges on personal gain, but I’m considering the ethics of using it to get a job. :3

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'sex, religion and me.'


I saw a post on this blog, or maybe a different one, about sex and religion and shame, and I wanted to share my story. This won’t be totally comprehensive, because that would be SO long, but I think it might be important….  so here it is…”

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  • labellafarfalla-YES. LET US GET 97 AND KICK PSYCHOLOGY'S ASS.
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    OH MI GOSH! LABELLAFARFALLA! (i wasn’t sure I could use your real name.) Do you remember this?!
    and then I didn’t do the HSC and you’re studying law! But we’ll still do it! :D

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